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Discover our recently completed fund with residential properties in some of India's fastest growing markets

Discover one of Solomartel's latest completed funds in the Southeastern United States, yearly returns of 11%

Exclusive investment opportunity to invest in premium coastal real estate on the Canary islands, yearly returns of 10-13%

Discover the perfect example of what currently operating Solomartel funds look like with Solomartel's completed fund containing beachfront premium real estate in Florida, yearly returns of 11-14%

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How it works ?

We buy the deals

Solomartel holdings finds the deals,negotiates a price and puts it under contract. All of the properties that we put under contract have a 23%+ gross total ROI (usually higher). And all of our properties have a safety margin meaning that we can always resell the properties at a profit of up to 190% in some cases which means this strategy is virtually risk free for the investor.

You Invest

Our investors become our investment partners and own actual real estate by becoming members of our companies.This isn’t an REIT nor a stock.

We manage the properties

We take care of the process of putting creditworthy tenants in properties and take care of the repairs to keep the properties in perfect shape.

We collect rent and you get paid

Our properties generate monthly rental payments from our tenant which we pay out monthly to our partners,you.




Real estate has historically been less volatile and outperformed most of the NYSE.


Tenants pay monthly rent which covers all expenses and provides profit to the owners.


All of our properties can only appreciate in value.


Investing in real estate offers many tax benefits such as depreciation,repairs write off and even the 20% tax deduction on pass through businesses.

Risk free/Low risk

All of our properties have a safety margin and can always be resold at a high profit. This is because we negotiate deals low and the amount invested is always lower than the actual value of the property,this leaves the investors with no risk.


Real estate provides returns that do not significantly decrease in the event of an economic crisis,even during the 2007-2008 subprime mortgage and world economic crises,the rents on our properties did not dip more than 25% of their pre-crisis value.